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Tower Equestrian Association believe in the products below and are happy to offer them for purchase at our facility.


What is Camelina?

  • Ancient Non-GMO Oilseed
  • Powerful source of Omega-3
  • All natural; cold pressed
  • Balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 profile

Why Canpressco

Our Canpressco promise to customers is:

  • Camelina oil 100% grown and pressed in Canada
  • Fresh, quality product at an affordable price
  • Transparent roots
  • Knowledgeable service

At Canpressco, we strive to grow and press the highest quality camelina oil at a fair price to our customers. We are committed to offering transparent supply and knowledgeable customer service in every interaction that we have.

Grown in Canada – Made in Canada


The value of this oilseed lies within its unique fatty acid composition. Fatty Acids are the nutritional components of oils and fats. These are two types of fatty acids that are labeled “essential” because they must be acquired through the diet. Humans and horses both can’t synthesize them on their own. These two essential fatty acids (EFAs) are linoleic acid (LA which is synethezised into Omega-6) and alpha-linoenic acid (ALA which is synethezied into Omega-3)


Omega-3 Supplements in Equines

The balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 in a horse’s diet is very important. Both nutrients have important functions within the body, and balancing the two is imperative in order for them to function appropriately. Because horses are herbivores and grazers, their bodies are naturally inclined to having a higher level of Omega-3 compared to Omega-6. However, due to the Omega-6 found in grain rations, this ratio is often thrown out of balance; hence the need for Omega-3 supplementation.


Storage & Shelf Life

The shelf life of camelina oil is 2 years from press date when stored appropriately. This extensive shelf life guarantees freshness through the life of your product. Light is very detrimental to cold pressed oils so it its advised to store camelina in tinted or solid color containers. Refrigeration is not required but it is optional and may help ward off rancidity.

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