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This program is a learning experience for children to help them grasp core emotional health life stills that help them develop and utilize emotional and social intelligence. Suitable to bring out and deepen the strengths of the emotionally healthy children and sooth & heal the needs of those with emotional wounds or scars.

Me and My Shadow Program experience is on the ground activities only, no horseback riding involved during this program and the course takes place in the barn and the outdoor arena.

Horses do not have standards of judgement, or any preconceived thoughts or feelings. They do not label, They are in the moment. Horses in their simple yet powerful way often provide an avenue for the student to open-up and share. The horse senses fear, anger, contentment, etc and will always mirror back feelings. They help us achieve patience. They help with anger management, our inner most fears, insecurities and negative core belief systems. To obtain their trust we must be honest, have mutual respect and compassion. They are great teachers.

The program is 6 weeks and consists of 2-hour sessions. The cost is $70 per person, per week for a total of $420 per person for the 6-week program. The principal, counsellor or teacher may attend a session at any time during the program. Complimentary coffee, nutritional drink and light snack will be provided.

The program will apply six horsepower tools of respect, responsibility, relationship skills, boundaries, empathy, choices and consequences.

We recommend the half day (3 hour) parent workshop ($105) to enhance the parenting practices of parents and promote support for their child as the content learned applies to the home, family, school and community.

We offer this program to schools and community groups in the area. Horses healing humans is a well-studied subject and proven to have beneficial, effective lasting results.

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